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Physiotherapy is a popular form of treatment for all aches, pains and sporting injuries. Some people attend just one or two sessions, with the physio acting more as a ‘teacher’, giving advice about exercises tailored for them, which can be done at home. In fact many people find that being given up-to-date information about their problem is helpful and reassuring. Others may need or want more than this, and this can be discussed with the physiotherapist during the first consultation.

Many people choose to see a physio because their problem is stopping them from working or is disturbing their sleep. Maybe they aren’t able to sit, stand or walk without getting their symptoms. Perhaps the problem is getting in the way of the things they enjoy doing such as gardening, a favourite sport or playing a musical instrument. For some, painkillers and tablets are not the answer, and they feel they want to understand their problem in more depth, perhaps finding out what they can do to help themselves. There is no doubt that aches, pains, pins and needles and other sensations can sometimes be quite worrying or even depressing, making the sufferer more irritable and ‘down’ than usual. Loss of confidence is a common complaint.

The first consultation

At the first session the main aim is to find out where the symptoms are coming from in the body (this is usually joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain or a combination of these) with the ultimate goal of removing the cause of the symptoms with physical treatment.

As an example let’s consider a person suffering with Elbow Pain and the diagnosis is Tennis Elbow or ‘Elbow Tendonitis.’ They may have been wearing a Tennis Elbow Brace for a few months, but this hasn’t helped.

During the initial consultation the physiotherapist will take a history and examine the area to confirm the diagnosis. The physiotherapist will also often examine the neck and shoulder and whole arm, as referred pain is common.

Physio Treatment

Before starting any treatment, a discussion will take place about what the physiotherapist thinks is wrong with you, and what treatment they think will help you.

Treatment then follows and this often consists of acupuncture, muscle and joint stretching or manipulation, taping, relief of pressure from irritated nerves and muscle strengthening.

Treatment is a comfortable experience. Advice is given about what can be done to prevent the problem returning and home exercises are often prescribed. In the case of Tennis Elbow it is common to prescribe Tennis Elbow Stretches and Tennis Elbow Exercises.

Our practitioners

Our physiotherapy Associates are qualified Chartered Physiotherapists. A Chartered Physiotherapist has undergone at least 3 years of professional study and training at a college or university.

These courses are regularly inspected by the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapists). The CSP has been in existence for over 100 years continually improving examination and treatment techniques and evaluating new concepts for effectiveness and safety. Not all Physiotherapists are fully trained to this extent and may not be members of the CSP. Only Chartered Physiotherapists can give you this guarantee of training, skills, and on-going professionalism.





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    The treatment I received was effective and I was relieved that it worked so quickly.

    –  Mrs M Kirby

    I am very happy with the treatment I received. A very pleasant place to visit which was extremely clean and well kept.

    –  Mrs P A Foreman

    The whole experience has been amazing.  Well being is excellent.  Very happy.

    –  Mrs. J. Williamson

    The physio treatment including guidance, direction and support, has been amazing.  This has enabled me to get almost full use back of my arm. I was kept motivated in order to perform the exercises and have reaped the results following this.

    –  S. Brooksbank

    Would definitely recommend the physiotherapist.  Very happy with the service.  Very professional with a personal touch!

    –  Mr. V. Viswanathan

    Thank you both (Alex and Martin) for your assistance in helping me manage my plantar fasciitis and associated lower back pain.  I followed your exercise advice and the use of orthotic insoles and can honestly say since doing this I am pain free, running with confidence and my recovery seems even quicker.  Thanks again gents, much appreciated.

    –  L. Sweetlove

    Excellent service.  Very helpful advice as well as effective therapy.

    –  P. Towlson