Ingrown Nails

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Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is a treatment option for recurring ingrown nails and painful toes that cannot be treated palliatively by either of the two treatments listed below. The procedure is known as nail wedge resection with germinal matrix phenolisation (sometimes referred to as partial nail avulsion) and offers patients a permanent treatment solution.

The procedure is carried out with local anaesthesia to ensure a completely painless operation. It involves removal of a parallel area of nail edge or edges followed by the destruction of the germinating nail matrix. The ‘pocket’ left behind by the ingrown nail section will slowly close leaving a normal nail to skin junction. Depending on the severity of the original problem, the new nail shape may appear slightly narrower than before.

Nail Bracing

Nail bracing is a gentle way to halt a worsening of excess nail curvature and in the longer term to correct nails that are susceptible to in-growth. The brace is a fine plastic composite strip that is glued to the nail plate and can be over-painted with nail varnish to affect a better appearance and long term adherence.

While flexible, the resilient composite material attempts to return to its natural flat shape. As a result, this gently lifts the sides of the curved nail. This lifting action normally provides relief from any discomfort as well as training the nail to grow flatter over time. This procedure can be combined with the Minor Wedge Resection treatment discussed below.

Minor Wedge Resection

Minor wedge resection is a procedure designed to give immediate and long lasting relief from the pain of ingrown nails. Nail bracing can be provided in addition, if required.

While local anaesthesia is available, the minor wedge resection technique aims to be completely painless.

An angled cut that bypasses any ingrown portion of nail is gently made with very fine nippers. A wedge shaped ‘spicule’ is then removed along with the offending ingrown portion of nail. The new nail edge is then dressed with a fine tooth file to better avoid a recurrence of the problem. Minor wedge resection is meant to be affordable and minimally inconvenient to the patient.


Nail surgery



One Side of One Toenail

55 minutes


Two Sides of One Toenail

75 minutes


One Side of Two Toenails

90 minutes


Two Sides, Two Toenails

110 minutes


Nail bracing



One toe, one brace

20 minutes


Two toes, two braces

25 minutes


Minor wedge resection



Up to 4 sides (two nails)

25 minutes


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